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Friday, October 24, 2014

Database Elements Problem 2: Version Control of Init Routines

For VISTA hardhats, here's the latest post in my series introducing and explaining the OSEHRA Forum project.
"If the answer so far to the question "What is VISTA made of?" is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the complexities introduced by non-routine software elements, what else makes up this iceberg?
"Flattening data and definitions into Init routines might result in convenient, flat structures (routines) that lend themselves to version control, but the purpose of these routines is to regenerate these data and definitions at the destination VISTA systems, not to support version control. An Init routine is not a snapshot of a file; it is software that regenerates that file in another VISTA system.
"If our goal is to keep track of the Init routines for their own sake - and that is one of our goals - then loading them into Git or other version-control repositories makes good sense. If, however, our goal in so doing is to successfully version-control the data and definitions they transport, we're in for numerous disappointments. . . ."