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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eight Essential Points

Dear Reader,

Let's begin with eight important points about the VISTA lifecycle, which I presented remotely at WorldVistA's nineteenth VISTA community meeting at the National Library of Medicine in Bethesday, Maryland. I lacked the time during that presentation to fully introduce these points, so let's do it here over the next eight days.

These points are:

1. VISTA requires the VISTA software lifecycle.
2. VISTA requires many code repositories, not one.
3. Managing VISTA requires many authorities, not one.
4. Users must directly control VISTA's software lifecycle.
5. Users and programmers need a shared forum.
6. VISTA's software stream requires many tributaries.
7. We should restart the lifecycle with just File Manager and Forum.
8. We need to declare interdependence and form a confederation.

Yours truly,


Rodney H. Kay said...

Could not agree more, but wonder if starting over is the right tack. While I can see the benefit, it would have to be done as a "dual" system, developing beside a running system, most probably in a virtual environment. Of course, you would have to start with lab...

Rick Marshall said...

Dear Rodney,

"Start" was a poor choice of words on my part. I would never advocate replacing the VISTA codebase.

Rather, it is starting its lifecycle back up again that I have in mind, building on what we have using the only lifecycle that can do just to VISTA's complexity and the needs of its users.

Yours truly,